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UK Intolerance Testing Service. Available by post worldwide

***Painless and non-invasive testing*** 
***Suitable for all ages adult and children from 6 months*** 
***Convenient testing in the comfort of your own home*** 
***Choice of 5 different Test formats***
***Fast and efficient service 7-14 working days Comprehensive detailed report – explaining Adverse Reactions***
***Choice of delivery: by email (PDF), or post (ring-bound brochure + email)***
***Multiple test discount Testing by post***   

Many people search for 'allergy testing' when they are looking for help with their adverse reactions. However, most people experience food intolerances or substance sensitivities; while many people with digestive 'discomfort' would experience 'food related symptoms'. Even though the term 'allergy' is commonly used to describe any adverse or negative reaction, true allergies only affect a minority of the population app. 4% of adults and app. 10% of children.

Sample Test Report Sheet