Reflexology has been known as an ancient healing technique for thousands of years in China Reflexology can be used to maintain and restore the body’s natural balance and to improve the body’s well being.


It is based on the theory that pain and tension in particular points of the foot reflect the disorders in a corresponding part of the body. A therapist uses hands or massage tools to apply pressure on the feet; the therapist also uses effleurage, stroking, kneading and tapotement techniques during the treatment.


By working on these particular points on feet the reflexology treatment can release energy blockages in meridians and restore the normal flow of QI energy to the whole body,and detox the body to build the immune system.


The benefits of reflexology include the bringing about of a state of deep relaxation and the maintenance the body’s wellbeing. Reflexology is great for insomnia, digestive problems, stress and tension relief, or just for a pleasant indulgence.

Cupping therapy

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) cupping is a method of applying acupressure by creating a vacuum on the patient's skin to dispel stagnation—stagnant blood and Qi . So it can dispel cold and dampness from our bodies. Thereby improving Qi flow to treat the common cold, diminishes swellings and back, neck, shoulder pains and other musculoskeletal conditions

Ear Candles

Ear candles usually have a length between 20-30 cm and a width of 5-12mm. The exact composition and ingredients of the ear candle is usually a secret of the ear candles manufacturers, however, beeswax, essential oils


At the Ear candles application, the person is on the site position so that you can put the ear candle is vertical in one ear. Then the ear candle is lit at the upper end. Through the combustion process occurs at the bottom of the ear candle, a small vacuum, since the heated air rises within the candle as a result of a weak chimney effect.


Ear candling can safely remove ear wax and also improve some medical problems like tinnitus.