Allergy Testing

We offers a unique combination of Allergy and Intolerance Test, 
testing for food and non-food intolerances, allergies and substance sensitivities. 
The testing service is available worldwide, also in association with practitioners and clinics. 

Are you affected by allergies? 


Do you have food allergies or intolerances?
Do you suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)?

Allergies can be the underlying cause or part of the problem.


Allergies are associated with many common diseases
Allergies can be either a contributing factor, minor or major, or even the primary cause of ill health. Allergic reactions are experienced differently by every person; ranging from temporary sensitivities, intolerances, to severe allergic reactions, or life threatening anaphylactic shock (anaphylaxis).


Typically, an allergy occurs when the body over-reacts to a substance normally considered harmless. You can have an allergy to just about anything, though some objects and irritants more commonly cause allergic symptoms than others.


Allergies have multiple roots. 


One is inherited, since these conditions are more frequent in children of parents with allergic histories. Another is in the mind and nervous system. Emotional Stress can trigger allergic reactions. A person who is strongly allergic to dogs may react to the sight of a plastic dog, demonstrating the involvement of mind over body in the learned aspect of these inappropriate immune responses.